Class Unmanaged


public class Unmanaged
extends CtreJniWrapper
Handles enabling when used in a non-FRC manner
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    • feedEnable

      public static void feedEnable​(int timeoutMs)
      Feed the robot enable. This function does nothing on a roborio during FRC use.

      If running an application in simulation, creating a WPI_* object automatically enables actuators. Otherwise, call this to enable actuators.

      timeoutMs - Timeout before disabling
    • getEnableState

      public static boolean getEnableState()
      true if non-FRC enabled
    • getPhoenixVersion

      public static int getPhoenixVersion()
      Phoenix version
    • loadPhoenix

      public static void loadPhoenix()
      Calling this function will load and start the Phoenix background tasks. This can be useful if you need the Enable/Disable functionality for CAN devices but aren't using any of the CAN device classes. This function does NOT need to be called if you are using any of the Phoenix CAN device classes.
    • setPhoenixDiagnosticsStartTime

      public static void setPhoenixDiagnosticsStartTime​(double startTimeSeconds)
      Sets the duration of the delay before starting the Phoenix diagnostics server.
      startTimeSeconds - Magnitude of the delay (in seconds) before starting the server. A value of 0 will start the server immediately. A negative value will signal the server to shutdown or never start.