Interface SwerveRequest

All Known Implementing Classes:
SwerveRequest.ApplyChassisSpeeds, SwerveRequest.FieldCentric, SwerveRequest.FieldCentricFacingAngle, SwerveRequest.Idle, SwerveRequest.PointWheelsAt, SwerveRequest.RobotCentric, SwerveRequest.SwerveDriveBrake, SwerveRequest.SysIdSwerveRotation, SwerveRequest.SysIdSwerveSteerGains, SwerveRequest.SysIdSwerveTranslation

public interface SwerveRequest
Container for all the Swerve Requests. Use this to find all applicable swerve drive requests.

This is also an interface common to all swerve drive control requests that allow the request to calculate the state to apply to the modules.

  • Method Details

    • apply

      Applies this swerve request to the given modules. This is typically called by the SwerveDrivetrain.
      parameters - Parameters the control request needs to calculate the module state
      modulesToApply - Modules to which the control request is applied
      Status code of sending the request