Class CANcoderSimState


public class CANcoderSimState
extends Object
Class to control the state of a simulated CANcoder.
  • Field Details

    • Orientation

      The orientation of the CANcoder relative to the robot chassis.

      This value should not be changed based on the CANcoder invert. Rather, this value should be changed when the mechanical linkage between the CANcoder and the robot changes.

  • Constructor Details

  • Method Details

    • setSupplyVoltage

      public StatusCode setSupplyVoltage​(double volts)
      Sets the simulated supply voltage of the CANcoder.

      The minimum allowed supply voltage is 4 V - values below this will be promoted to 4 V.

      volts - The supply voltage in Volts
      Status code
    • setRawPosition

      public StatusCode setRawPosition​(double rotations)
      Sets the simulated raw position of the CANcoder.

      Inputs to this function over time should be continuous, as user calls of CoreCANcoder.setPosition(double, double) will be accounted for in the callee.

      The CANcoder integrates this to calculate the true reported position.

      When using the WPI Sim GUI, you will notice a readonly position and settable rawPositionInput. The readonly signal is the emulated position which will match self-test in Tuner and the hardware API. Changes to rawPositionInput will be integrated into the emulated position. This way a simulator can modify the position without overriding hardware API calls for home-ing the sensor.

      rotations - The raw position in rotations
      Status code
    • addPosition

      public StatusCode addPosition​(double dRotations)
      Adds to the simulated position of the CANcoder.
      dRotations - The change in position in rotations
      Status code
    • setVelocity

      public StatusCode setVelocity​(double rps)
      Sets the simulated velocity of the CANcoder.
      rps - The new velocity in rotations per second
      Status code
    • setMagnetHealth

      Sets the simulated magnet health of the CANcoder.
      value - The magnet health to simulate. This directly correlates to the red/green/orange state of the simulated LED.
      Status code