Class CANCoderSimCollection


public class CANCoderSimCollection
extends Object
Collection of simulation commands available to a CANCoder. Use the getSimCollection() routine inside your CANCoder to create the respective sim collection.
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    • setBusVoltage

      public ErrorCode setBusVoltage​(double vbat)
      Sets the simulated bus voltage of the CANCoder.

      The minimum allowed bus voltage is 4 V - values below this will be promoted to 4 V.

      vbat - the bus voltage in volts
      error code
    • setRawPosition

      public ErrorCode setRawPosition​(int newPos)
      Sets the simulated raw position of the CANCoder.

      The CANCoder integrates this to calculate the true reported position.

      When using the WPI Sim GUI, you will notice a readonly 'position' and settable 'rawPositionInput'. The readonly signal is the emulated position which will match self-test in Tuner and the hardware API. Changes to 'rawPositionInput' will be integrated into the emulated position. This way a simulator can modify the position without overriding your hardware API calls for home-ing your sensor.

      Inputs to this function over time should be continuous, as user calls of setPosition() will be accounted for in the calculation.

      newPos - the new raw position in native units
      error code
    • addPosition

      public ErrorCode addPosition​(int dPos)
      Adds to the simulated position of the CANCoder.
      dPos - the change in position in native units
      error code
    • setVelocity

      public ErrorCode setVelocity​(int newVel)
      Sets the simulated velocity of the CANCoder.
      newVel - the new velocity in native units per 100ms
      error code