Enum StaticFeedforwardSignValue

All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, Comparable<StaticFeedforwardSignValue>, java.lang.constant.Constable

public enum StaticFeedforwardSignValue
extends Enum<StaticFeedforwardSignValue>
Static Feedforward Sign during position closed loop

This determines the sign of the applied kS during position closed-loop modes. The default behavior uses the velocity reference sign. This works well with velocity closed loop, Motion MagicĀ® controls, and position closed loop when velocity reference is specified (motion profiling).

However, when using position closed loop with zero velocity reference (no motion profiling), the application may want to apply static feedforward based on the closed loop error sign instead. When doing so, we recommend the minimal amount of kS, otherwise the motor output may dither when closed loop error is near zero.