Class Pigeon2Configuration

All Implemented Interfaces:
ParentConfiguration, ISerializable

public class Pigeon2Configuration
extends Object
implements ParentConfiguration
Class description for the Pigeon 2 IMU sensor that measures orientation. This handles the configurations for the Pigeon2
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    • FutureProofConfigs

      public boolean FutureProofConfigs
      True if we should factory default newer unsupported configs, false to leave newer unsupported configs alone.

      This flag addresses a corner case where the device may have firmware with newer configs that didn't exist when this version of the API was built. If this occurs and this flag is true, unsupported new configs will be factory defaulted to avoid unexpected behavior.

      This is also the behavior in Phoenix 5, so this flag is defaulted to true to match.

    • MountPose

      Configs for Pigeon 2's Mount Pose configuration.

      These configs allow the Pigeon2 to be mounted in whatever orientation that's desired and ensure the reported Yaw/Pitch/Roll is from the robot's reference.

    • GyroTrim

      Configs to trim the Pigeon2's gyroscope.

      Pigeon2 allows the user to trim the gyroscope's sensitivity. While this isn't necessary for the Pigeon2, as it comes calibrated out-of-the-box, users can make use of this to make the Pigeon2 even more accurate for their application.

    • Pigeon2Features

      Configs to enable/disable various features of the Pigeon2.

      These configs allow the user to enable or disable various aspects of the Pigeon2.

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