Class CANCoderConfiguration


public class CANCoderConfiguration
extends CustomParamConfiguration
Configurables available to CANCoder
  • Field Details

    • velocityMeasurementPeriod

      Velocity measurement period to use
    • velocityMeasurementWindow

      Velocity measurement window to use
    • absoluteSensorRange

      Desired Sign / Range for the absolute position register. Choose unsigned for an absolute range of[0, +1) rotations, [0, 360) deg, etc. Choose signed for an absolute range of[-0.5, +0.5) rotations, [-180, +180) deg, etc.
    • magnetOffsetDegrees

      public double magnetOffsetDegrees
      Adjusts the zero point for the absolute position register. The absolute position of the sensor will always have a discontinuity (360 -> 0 deg) or (+180 -> -180) and a hard-limited mechanism may have such a discontinuity in its functional range. In which case use this config to move the discontinuity outside of the function range.
    • sensorDirection

      public boolean sensorDirection
      Choose which direction is interpreted as positive displacement. This affects both "Position"and "Absolute Position". False(default) means positive rotation occurs when magnet is spun counter - clockwise when observer is facing the LED side of CANCoder.
    • initializationStrategy

      The sensor initialization strategy to use.This will impact the behavior the next time CANCoder boots up. Pick the strategy on how to initialize the CANCoder's "Position" register. Depending on the mechanism, it may be desirable to auto set the Position register to match the Absolute Position(swerve for example). Or it may be desired to zero the sensor on boot(drivetrain translation sensor or a relative servo). TIP: Tuner's self-test feature will report what the boot sensor value will be in the event the CANCoder is reset.
    • sensorCoefficient

      public double sensorCoefficient
      Scalar to multiply the CANCoder's native 12-bit resolute sensor. Defaults to 0.087890625 to produce degrees.
    • unitString

      String holding the unit to report in. This impacts all routines(except for ConfigMagnetOffset) and the self-test in Tuner. The string value itself is arbitrary.The max number of letters will depend on firmware versioning, but generally CANCoder supports up to eight letters.However, common units such as "centimeters" are supported explicitly despite exceeding the eight-letter limit. Default is "deg"
    • sensorTimeBase

      Desired denominator to report velocity in. This impacts GetVelocityand the reported velocity in self-test in Tuner. Default is "Per Second".
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