CTRE Phoenix Pro C++ 23.0.12
ctre::phoenixpro::configs::ClosedLoopGeneralConfigs Class Reference

Configs that affect general behavior during closed-looping. More...

#include <ctre/phoenixpro/configs/Configs.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for ctre::phoenixpro::configs::ClosedLoopGeneralConfigs:
ctre::phoenixpro::configs::ParentConfiguration ctre::phoenixpro::ISerializable

Public Member Functions

std::string ToString () const
std::string Serialize () const
ctre::phoenix::StatusCode Deserialize (const std::string &string)
virtual std::string ToString () const =0
virtual ctre::phoenix::StatusCode Deserialize (const std::string &string)=0
virtual std::string Serialize () const =0

Public Attributes

bool ContinuousWrap = false
 Wrap position error within [-0.5,+0.5) mechanism rotations. More...

Detailed Description

Configs that affect general behavior during closed-looping.

Includes Continuous Wrap features.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Deserialize()

ctre::phoenix::StatusCode ctre::phoenixpro::configs::ClosedLoopGeneralConfigs::Deserialize ( const std::string &  string)

◆ Serialize()

std::string ctre::phoenixpro::configs::ClosedLoopGeneralConfigs::Serialize ( ) const

◆ ToString()

std::string ctre::phoenixpro::configs::ClosedLoopGeneralConfigs::ToString ( ) const

Member Data Documentation

◆ ContinuousWrap

bool ctre::phoenixpro::configs::ClosedLoopGeneralConfigs::ContinuousWrap = false

Wrap position error within [-0.5,+0.5) mechanism rotations.

Typically used for continuous position closed-loops like swerve azimuth.

This uses the mechanism rotation value. If there is a gear ratio between the sensor and the mechanism, make sure to apply a SensorToMechanismRatio so the closed loop operates on the full rotation.

Default Value: False

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